Saturday, November 05, 2005


- Pete updated Lucas's page earlier this week. The boy continues to out-cute us all. (Sorry, Woody!)

- I'm getting closer to nailing down some kind of theoretical background for my current dissertation chapter. It's still pretty hazy, but I'm actually sort of enjoying reading Antonio Strati's Theory and Method in Organization Studies. I wish I had a copy to mark up, as the one I have is checked out from the library. I found a cheap copy online, but overseas shipping was more than twice the cost of the book. Bleah. Anyway, so much organizational theory is, IMHO, absolutely unreadable. (In that way it's like much of science studies theory.) So it was nice to come across Strati's book, as well as a few others that are targeted at a not-so-rigidly-academic audience.

- Like many academics at this point in the term, I'm in grading purgatory. This weekend I have nearly 80 papers to grade. Fortunately, they're going quickly, but they never go quickly enough, you know? At least the assignment is a novel one: the professor is having them write a 100% plagiarized paper, cribbed from at least eight different sources. It must be well written, as if the student composed an original paper. It's a fitting assignment, I think, for a class in technoculture studies. Kudos to Professor Bob Ostertag for assigning it. I'm learning a lot from the papers.

- Woody is doing better thanks to some veterinary chiropractic care. We love our vets; they've taken great care of Woody over the past several years. I don't know what we're going to do when we leave Davis.

- Finally, while procrastinating last night, I took one of those fun little quizzes to find out what kind of colossal death robot I might be. You'll all be glad to hear that I'm Gigantor: "Born in 1963, You are possibly the original colossal death robot, being one of the patriarchs of the current crop, and definitely an advocate of old-skool enemy-bashing. Why use a clumsy particle weapon when you can create supernovas just by flexing your arms? Your one minor weakness is that you are entirely dominated by some kid with a remote contol - still, don't let it get you down. You can sink a nuclear submarine with jazz music." Take the quiz yourself here.

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