Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Six months

I completely missed a blogging opportunity on Sunday; Lucas turned 6 months old on March 5. (For those of you keeping track, that means he was born on Labor Day. He emerged with a sense of humor, that one.)

I'll try to post something more reflective about this milestone when I'm less sleep-deprived, but until then, a few semi-random thoughts:

1. Lucas had his sixth-month well baby appointment yesterday.

Bad news: That meant some shots, which knocked him out yesterday but which made him extremely fussy last night and today. So I'm needing some sleep.

Good news: We have the best baby doctor in the world. When we were brand-new parents, she scheduled us, I think, for an extra appointment or two just to check up on us because it's obvious I was falling apart. I really appreciated those opportunities because I felt totally overwhelmed and was constantly worried about the tiny little guy, and for the hour or so we were in the waiting and exam rooms, I felt so safe. At our second appointment, Dr. Best-in-the-World even had me lie down and take a much-needed nap on an exam table while she circumcised Luke in another room. I'm not lucky enough to have her be my primary care physician (damn student health insurance), but I feel she cares deeply for my whole family, me included. How blessed we are!

2. Teething sucks. I don't appreciate being gnawed upon, and the sucking motion of nursing drags Lucas's little serrated tooth back and forth over some very sensitive skin. Still, it's not as bad as thrush, thank goodness. It does upset me to see the little guy in pain, but I'm going to make this all about me.

3. Teething and vaccines aside, how the heck did we end up with such a happy baby? Mr. Trillwing and I are both predisposed to occupy that lovely territory between dysthymia, an obsessive or manic disorder or two, and mild psychosis. Yet Luke is pretty much perpetually happy. He actually laughs while he cries, which, I must admit, makes him seem more than a little maniacal.

4. If three years ago someone had told me I'd be a mommyblogger, I'd never have believed them. How swiftly our life paths veer in new directions. . .

For those family and friends needing a Luke fix, new photos are up here.

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