Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Posted (almost) without comment

A Christmas Eve Trillwing family photo:

You can blame Jeff and Lisa for Luke's outfit. Mr. Trillwing has no one to blame but himself for the hat, which I swear I had never seen before he produced it for the photo.


JM said...

Oh DAMN that's funny.

Susan M said...

Nice threads, Luke

Anonymous said...

For the record... Luke's hat came from friend Jeff, his t-shirt is courtesy of his Uncle Dave, who works for the Evil Empire here in the Sunshine State.

And I bought my hat at a kiosk outside a Wal-Mart in Tucson, Arizona.

~Mr. Dr. T

ClizBiz said...

You obviously need to get with the program and produce some provoking accessory ... oh, wait, that's Mr. Trillwing.

What Now? said...