Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Memory Meme

As seen at Polyopia:

Regardless of whether or not you know me, please take a moment to share a fake memory about you and me. I don't care if we've never met--pretend we have in another life. :)

And be sure to check out the great "memories" posted in response to this meme at Polyopia, Ice Cream, and Whirled Peas.


Grumpy but sweet said...

I loved that vacation we had in Hawaii. Remember that sunburn that you got? I'm sorry for putting the sunscreen on your back in the shape of a giant pickle. Everyone kept misinterpreting what it was supposed to be.

luckybuzz said...

I don't know what you expect to happen when you leave the house with an aerosol can in one hand and a reverse-engineered Dustbuster in the other, but I think we both knew that would end badly for someone.

Anita said...

Remember when we were driving that tank across the desert and you thought it would be great if we made appletinis? Even though we only had three ice cubes left in our rations, you mixed them up and we had the best drinks ever. Damn, those tasted good. We thought they might be the last martinis we ever drank.

When we ended up in the wrong country, the people welcomed us with open arms, shared all their ice with us and elected us co-presidents. Cause of our mad martini making skillz.