Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Age of Aquarius

I can't remember on whose blog I saw the Environics 3SC survey, but here are my results:

Surprise! I have an inner angry, sarcastic hippie.


Incidence in Population

* Proportion of Canadian population: 5 per cent
* Proportion of Gen Xers: 14 per cent

Other Demographics

* Mostly mirror the general population

Fundamental Motivations

Social Justice and Experience-seeking

Key Values

* Adaptability
* Concern for the less fortunate
* Concern for the environment
* Respect for education
* Contempt for traditional authorities
* Hedonism

Words to Live By

* There is no being, only becoming
* Everything changed in Seattle
* No justice, no peace


* Singer Sarah McLachlan
* Author Naomi Klein
* Singer/activist Jello Biafra
* Rap-metal group Rage Against the Machine
* Author/activist John Zerzan
* Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar
* Dead Prez

Money Orientation

Making it: I'd never do work I didn't believe in.

Spending it: When I must consume at all, I consume with conscience.

Saving it: I'm not saving much now, but when I do I'll call the shots.

Stealing it: No, thanks.

Giving it away: Environmental and social causes.

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