Sunday, February 04, 2007

More developmental craziness

Today Lucas and I went out for sushi with a friend of mine. The meal proceeded normally--Luke dumping food from his plate, Luke putting food back on his plate, Luke categorizing his food in small piles.

But then all of a sudden my friend is staring at him and saying, "Can he use chopsticks?" And sure enough, Lucas has picked up a pair of chopsticks correctly and is using them to place a piece of teriyaki chicken in his mouth.


It's not as if Mr. T and I use chopsticks at home, or as if we frequent sushi joints. Luke probably hasn't seen a set of chopsticks for months.

I called up my mom to share the weirdness, to tell her about her 17-month-old grandson's latest stupid pet trick, and she said, "Well, he must have been Japanese in a previous life. You know, just like you were Spanish."

Me: What?

Mom: Well, you always called a pencil "lápiz."

Me: Because you taught Spanish when I was a baby?

Mom: No. We never used that word at home.

Me (thinking to myself): And it's not like we had a lot of Spanish speakers hanging out around the house.

Mom: That was just your word for pencil.

So there you have it, folks.

Lucas: formerly Japanese wunderkind of fine motor skills.
Me: editorially-inclined former Latina.
Mr. Trillwing: as yet undetermined.

(chopsticks photo by Steve Ling)


Breena Ronan said...

Hahahah! Have you heard the song "Gallileo" by the Indigo Girls? It's all about reincarnation, very fun.

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!! i love the lapiz part.

Heather Clisby said...

I think Mr. Trillwing used to be Erik the Viking.