Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Answers to last month's quiz

Answers to the very difficult quiz I posted last month, along with some comments:

Question #1
Where did I graduate from college?
University of California, Irvine
Grinnell College (highly recommended for oddball gifted children!)
California State University, Long Beach

Question #2
For which of the following cities does Mr. Trillwing produce newspapers?
San Diego
All of the above

Question #3
If I weren't on meds, what would be my endocrine status?
Hyperthyroid, naturally
Hypothyroid, naturally
Hypothyroid, induced by radiation (hyperthyroidism sucks, so in 1992 I opted for the radioactive cocktail)
Hyperthyroid, induced by mono

Question #4
Which of these bloggers do I know in real life? (Wish I knew them all!)
Breena Ronan
Phantom Scribbler
Dr. Brazen Hussy

Question #5
Where did I grow up?
Iowa City, Iowa
Long Beach, California (and with it I have a love/hate relationship as I do for no other place in the world)
Sacramento, California
San Diego, California

Question #6
What do I collect, albeit quite passively these days?
superhero figurines
model horses (there's a book in there somewhere)
other people's angst

Question #7
Am I on Facebook? And why or why not?
Yes. It's my new secret addiction.
Yes, but it's related to work. Really. (I'm designing a faculty workshop on how we can use students' social networking practices for sound pedagogical ends. The trick will be applying that sound pedagogy to Sakai, my occasional arch-nemesis.*)
No. I have too much else to do.
No. I'm waaaaay too old.

Question #8
My Ph.D. is in. . .
American Studies
Women's Studies
Cultural Studies (but I wish it were in American studies or history or, hey, just about anything else. Nematology, anyone?)

Question #9
About which of these political issues am I most passionate?
Abortion rights
Gender equity
Global warming
No Child Left Behind

Question #10
On what holiday was Lucas born?
Labor Day (U.S.) (he's got a sense of humor, that one)
Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)

* Today when I compared our implementation of Sakai to the Whac-a-Mole, game, my boss, our campus's Sakai program manager, declared the metaphor to be particularly apt. Bugalicious! Whump!

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