Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mr. Trillwing, Literary Scholar

Mr. Trillwing isn't all that excited about reading to Lucas. He'd rather leave that task to me until Lucas and he can have conversations about the books they share. Last night, however, I applied some parental peer pressure ("Come on, all the cool dads are doing it") and persuaded him to read Lucas a book.

It required, however, several false starts, as Mr. Trillwing kept skipping words, and I, like a good 5-year-old, kept correcting him because the omissions were throwing off the meter of the verse. Eventually, the whole exercise devolved into giggles as I kept apologizing to Lucas for his father's semiliteracy.

Mr. Trillwing protested: "It's just that this book is like Atlas Shrugged, you know? It gets easier to read after the first half."

The book in question?

Yeah, just like Ayn Rand, Honey.


Anonymous said...


mgm said...

That's funny.

My son called his belly button be-bo for months.

Heather Clisby said...

Please tell me you are secretly taping this.

Twice said...

Honestly, I think this book reads better without the page about balloons. I mean, one minute the hippos are at the beach, and the next they are talking about balloons in a different meter, and then they are back to the beach singing. What gives?