Friday, November 02, 2007

Clearing the decks

Well, I've signed up to participate in International acaDemic Writing Month (InaDWriMo). I've pledged to revise an article that's been sitting around too long, as well as substantively copyedit my dissertation, as well as set up a time to go to an archive that very soon will be moving to a less accessible location. As a bonus, I may finish a book review that I managed to blow off because I've been a slacker a busy mother and 8-to-5 employee.

But before I begin work on those things, I need to spend this weekend clearing the decks--quite literally, as I need horizontal space on which to work. My to-do list:
  • Clean bill-paying stuff and other papers from dining room table. That means finishing paying the bills, of course. . . misc. papers cleared (by moving them to my desk)!
  • Clear off craft table in kitchen. done!
  • Clear papers off my desk.
  • Polish off overdue (ouch) work for freelance client.
  • Do museum studies reading and prep for class.
  • Grade museum studies seminar papers.
Those are the primary must-dos. Other possible distractions that should be done this weekend:
  • Catch up on folding laundry.
  • Vacuum.
  • Clean kitchen floor.
  • Dust living room.
What about you? What's on your mind (or your dining room table) that's keeping you from being productive?


Chaser said...

Oh, blargh, I have to pay bills and get that stuff off my deck. And I am having Very Strange Senior Faculty Dude and his Apparently Nice Wife over for dinner to reciprocate an invitation they sent me. Blargh.

I wish sometimes that decks could be cleared by somebody else.

grumpyABDadjunct said...

I have pretty much the same distractions, except I cleaned the kitchen floor last weekend so that'll have to do! It warms my heart that someone else's dining room table sounds like it is Crap Central too.

Anonymous said...

My mother is visiting around Christmas, and I can't have my office messier than when she visited two years ago. So, I've started cleaning now, since it's probably going to take that long.