Monday, January 28, 2008

Where I've been, in brief

Now: San Antonio, at the awesome Educause Learning Initiative conference, which begins midday Monday. My flight on ExpressJet was awesome. The plane itself made me feel a bit claustrophobic, but two colleagues happened to be on the same late-night flight, and the flight attendant sat down and chatted with us for about half the flight, and she was delightful--so much so that I'll be writing a letter to ExpressJet. She's studying to be a pilot, which I find awesome.

I'm up waaaay too late, but I can't sleep because my ears haven't yet popped from the plane trip. My ears really hurt. I really shouldn't fly when I have a head cold.

Why I really shouldn't be flying: Yesterday (Saturday) we had Lucas in the ER because he was having trouble breathing. Ends up he has a touch of pneumonia. I slept on his floor last night to keep track of his wheezing. Mr. Trillwing is a saint for agreeing to take care of the boy while he convalesces.

The ER was overcrowded, so we were put on a bed and a couple of chairs in the hallway. This was actually much better than our usual room because it was hard for the nurses and doctors to ignore us. After a mere three hours, we had our x-rays and prescriptions and were on our way home.

One of the prescriptions was for albuterol. Ever tried to get a 2-year-old to use an inhaler? Mr. Trillwing is good at it. I am not.

Did I mention my ears hurt really, really badly?


Rev Dr Mom said...

The Kid started having to use an inhalor for asthma when he was just that age. Did they give you one with a face mask? It was hard but sometimes we could pretend to be a space explorer or something. But mostly it was just hard.

Hope he's better soon.

Anonymous said...

We got an inhalor for our daughter when she was in kindergarten. They gave us a "spacer," which is a hollow contraption that they hold in their mouth while you squeeze the inhalor a couple times (the inhalor attaches to the other side). Then they just breathe in the mist.

Might help a little--good luck