Saturday, March 22, 2008

In which I do everything ass-backwards

It's time to decorate and dye Easter eggs. So I:

1. Spread newspaper on the table.
2. Pull out the food coloring and read the egg-dying directions.
3. Get out the teacups and put vinegar in each one.
4. Realize that the directions reminded me that the water in which the eggs sit to dye needs to be boiling hot.
5. Put on water for egg dyeing.
6. Realize that eggs need to be hard-boiled.
7. Confirm with the interwebs that I do, indeed, know how to boil an egg. (I don't.)
8. Run over to fridge and pull out eggs so I can put them in water BEFORE it begins to get warm (too late).
9. Let eggs boil over after they sit in a rolling boil for way too long.

Chances that I'll burn myself, my toddler, or my husband in the next steps of this endeavor? I'd say pretty damn high.

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