Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Experimentation: "The Two Trees"

William Butler Yeats's poem "The Two Trees" is among my favorites. Tonight I was playing around in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet, and I decided to try a little experiment. The results are below. This very brief project represents my first time using iMovie for anything but capturing video from the built-in camera on my laptop. I used GarageBand to record the voiceover, which comprises the first four lines of Yeats's poem.

It's rough, but now I've taught myself the first steps in one form of digital storytelling. Yay!


Barbara said...

Yay indeed! Before you know it, you'll be making Flash stories! I love how you interpret the poem, respond to it, find its joy through the drawings. Imagine if kids were given this kind of assignment--do you think they might like poetry better than they do? Imagine.

Anonymous said...

I have indeed been teaching 1st graders this exact method. I read Shel Silverstein, we all draw what we imagine using our own schema. Amazing how different the interpretations can be.

There is an interesting website where you can do this too: Into The book, check it out!

Anonymous said...

Great result...love it.

My Blogs ... said...

Consider www.Alice.org, a free software from Carnegie-Mellon University teaching this stuff.
See also Randy Pausch, of "The Last Lecture".
---from another Hawaii cousin