Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bullets of I think I can

• I'm setting off on a week of insane productivity, even for me. I have more detailed and organized than usual to-do lists, and the motivation to plow through (in the most thoughtful manner possible, of course) all of the tasks. These are all things that are much, much better accomplished sooner than later.

• I spent the weekend visiting my family in Southern California, and I once again confirmed that my genes want me to be willowy and svelte, even if my habits have let me become, um, sturdier than I'd like. So tomorrow is day 1 of my new low-impact fitness regimen. I'm not making any major promises to myself--just setting a goal to lose one pound a week for five months. I'm guessing the first five pounds will actually be the hardest, since they're the ones I've been wrestling with for the past few months. If I succeed, I'll be smack dab in the middle of the healthy BMI range. And yes, I know the BMI doesn't seem to apply to everyone's body type, but it works for my blood relatives, so I figure I need to pay more attention to it.

I'm particularly inspired because I spent part of today shopping with my sister, who is one of the healthiest people I know. She walked into Banana Republic, plucked three dozen garments from the racks, and as I watched from a corner of the dressing room, found that most of them fit her beautifully, with the exception of all being a bit short on her 6-foot frame. I admitted my jealousy and she said, "Not to be snippy, but if you had worked out for four hours a day since your early teens, you too could look fabulous in anything." I'm not about to work out four hours a day, but certainly I can return to the very reasonable weight I was when Mr. Trillwing and I married seven years ago.

For tonight, though, I need a bit more chocolate and some TV viewing. Must rest up for my big spring and summer!

What do you think you can do this week, this month, this spring, this year?


Terminal Degree said...

Four hours a day??? Wow.

Your plan seems healthier. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck this week.

During Lent this year, I'm trying to give up most of the things that get in the way of making progress on my reading list. So far, I've finished three books. (Okay, I had started all of them before Mardi Gras. Still...) I'm currently enjoying Netherland.

Fang Bastardson said...

I remember Lent! It's like a New Year's resolution that has to last 40 days instead of 40 minutes, right? Add one more thing to the list of stuff I don't miss from childhood.

At least Mr. Mather is putting his [Lent] to good use. In our family, it was all about denying ourselves key perks that had formerly made life at least quasi-livable.

Anonymous said...

I stopped being Catholic long ago (and I stopped being a Baptist even longer ago). But I still like Lent. I mean, I like the part of Lent that's about becoming a better person -- which for me this year means taking advantage of what I already have around me -- rather than just giving up something to suffer like Jesus, etc. (It's a bit too "cult of death" and not very Christian, if you ask me.)

I also like the short duration of the Lenten season.

Anonymous said...

Crap, I forgot you were going to be down here last weekend.

JustThinking said...

I can eat well this month, providing a better example for my daughter.

While I believe that we have it in our genes to be svelt and slim, I greatly admire your sister's commitment to four hours a day, and find that to be an extreme.