Monday, November 23, 2009

Lucas reacts

Lucas has been enthusiastic about the prospect of going to a new school, but he didn't understand that going to the preschool means leaving Serena's daycare/preschool. He insisted, "When I go to my new school, I will see Serena a lot."

I explained the reality to him--that we'll still see Serena occasionally, but he won't be seeing her every day--and he took some time to process it. Then tears began to well up in his eyes: "But I like Serena." He swallowed another tiny bite of yogurt and then added, "My kids will be sad."

(That's what he calls the other children at daycare; apparently they're his posse.)

The boy's lower lip started to quiver and his chin to wrinkle. I called Fang out into the living room and we comforted Lucas, who was even more upset about the impending transition than I am. And we all cuddled together. Even the dog (the damn dog, another post in itself) showed empathy for the first time since he arrived 16 months ago, resting his head quietly on Fang's arm and Lucas's lap, absorbing our sadness and resignation.

Even as I understand its growing necessity, I hate this change.


fairbetty said...

Change is a good thing... Lucas will be so much stronger for growing up through this!

I want to hear about the "damn dog"!

Unknown said...

who is fang? i have only met obi (who i assume is the "damn dog" to whom you refer). poor lil guy. it's hard to let go, but as fairbetty reports, he will be stronger for this. you, however, may need a few more mornings to cry! the visual of his lip quiver and selflessness of wondering how his crew was going to do without him certainly pulled at this mother's heart strings. kisses and hugs to mr. lucas! and a "good boy" to obi for being supportive of his buddy;)