Thursday, May 27, 2010

More RBOC--and a PSA

. . .because that's all I have in me these days.
  • I am feeling remarkably well this evening because I cleaned out a good deal of the garage, AKA my secret shame. We had barely touched it since we moved into this house more than three years ago, and there were some hurriedly packed boxes left untouched at that time, so you might imagine the dreck I was pawing through. Most of it was paper and went into the recycling bin.
  • We're going to have an enormous yard sale. I hate holding yard sales, but the extra cash will be nice.
  • Lucas decided that, since we only have about 50 days left before we move, he should grab the empty boxes from the garage and start packing up his toys. Now if only Fang could catch some of that enthusiasm. . .
  • Fun fact: I have whooping cough. Ends up I've been contagious for at least a month. Sorry, coworkers--I thought it was merely bronchitis.
  • If you haven't had a booster vaccine for whooping cough, you might want to get one, as pertussis is resurging. And for the love of all that is holy (breathing, for example), be sure your kids' vaccinations are up to date.
  • I don't know how much longer it will be available to nonsubscribers, but my interview with the Sacramento Bee about the literature of Lost is available here on the Sac Bee site, and here as a PDF. My TV interview isn't online, but it was fun--and I managed to rope Fang into the fun as well, as he's much more articulate about Lost than I am. We got about equal screen time; Fang was a "local blogger" and I earned a promotion from the reporter--professor of cultural studies.
  • I'm giving a teaching talk tomorrow for the Faculty Mentoring Faculty Program at UC Davis. It's called "The Undisciplined Instructor: Lessons on Teaching from Perpetual Amateur." If I don't embarrass myself too terribly, I'll post a link to the video for anyone who is looking for a soporific.
Finally, on a more somber note, a PSA:

When you open your driver's side car door, please take a second to look over your shoulder to see if there's a bike coming up behind you. A good friend of mine from high school was killed last week when a driver opened her door right in front of him, which knocked him in front of, and under, a bus.

Additionally, if you drive on the right side of the road, look over your right shoulder before turning right. This is a little trick I've learned here in Davis, and it's averted many an accident, I assure you.


Seeking Solace said...

I know all too well about how much moving sucks. But, in the end, it's worth it.

Hey, you didn't email me for the password.

Jeff Mather said...

Pertussis?! Damn, woman. These are modern times; that's not supposed to happen.

We would come help you pack but for two facts: (1) We'll be a dozen times away for most of June, and (2) there's a high correlation between our helping friends move and those friends getting divorced. It's probably safest for y'all not to ask.

Breena said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry to hear you had whooping cough. Back when around the time we first met I remember hearing about kids with whooping cough in the area. Hopefully it is all cleared up now.

L said...

I'm re-reading this post (some past posts) and I think I'm going to ask to get a pertussis vaccine and get the boys vaccinated too. I had it as a child, but that was over thirty years ago. Laura (11D) just posted a link today about a pertussis epidemic in California.

Oh, and only today I read your Lost interview. I'm curious to whether you've already tried to read Huxley's Island since then (probably not, you've been busy!). I've read it -- I actually was a TA in a course (titled Brave New World) in which we discussed it. I don't think it's that great (particularly compared to BNW).