Monday, September 20, 2010

Idaho Moments #387 and #388

In a local TV ad, a car dealer just promised to give a gun to anyone who buys a truck.

The state wants to allow residents to shoot an endangered species on sight. One reason, they say, is that elk herds are declining. Hasn't anyone read Never Cry Wolf? (Probably not--the K-12 schools here apparently are underfunded, and not many people go to college.) Methinks we need Farley Mowat to come talk some sense into folks.


Seeking Solace said...

I thought wovles were still protected. Either way, there needs to be a balance. The wolf is a natural predator of the elk.

fairbetty said...

Ooo, can you work "Never Cry Wolf" into your curriculum somehow? You could make them watch the movie, at least :)

There is so much dirty politics surrounding wolves... it's frustrating to see/hear. And now you live in a state that's on the forefront of the battle. Good luck.

Lisa_V said...

B, Mal and I saw three wolves outside of Baker last winter. Two were dead, and one was just running down the freeway dodging traffic, looking very much like kin to Daisy. Broke my heart.

I have a cousin in the SE part of the state who has been a wolf activist- and she is a rancher! Still believes wolves were here for a reason, and should stay.