Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have several blog posts in draft, but I haven't had the energy and focus to finish them because I've been thinking about an Unbloggable Thing (UT, so I'll call it Utah).

Random vague bullets of Utah:
  • A person I care about deeply has gone to Utah.
  • This loved one is not ready to share with others in hir family that ze has gone to Utah.
  • This trip to Utah could have been avoided, had adequate steps been taken.
  • The people who could have taken these steps are, I imagine, really angry with themselves that, despite their love and attention, this person has ended up in Utah, which, in this metaphor at least, is not a very nice place to visit.
  • Indeed, I'm upset with myself because I might have urged others to take the steps to prevent the trip to Utah.
  • I'm exceptionally frustrated that ze has gone to Utah, especially considering the trip was avoidable.
  • Still, I'm pretty much endlessly forgiving when it comes to people I care about, even when they make mistakes that take them (or others I love) to someplace like Utah. (With myself, I'm considerably less forgiving.)
  • This recent trip to Utah is making me very sad.
What would help, in the comments:
  • Stories about how you had to keep quiet for a while (perhaps a long while) about something that made you very frustrated or sad, and how you dealt with that, even though it was always on your mind.
  • Good vibes for my loved one in Utah.
  • Sympathy. This is going to be hard.


What Now? said...

Good vibes and sympathy coming your and your friend's way.

fairbetty said...

<3, sympathy, and space to figure out what the next steps are... if there are any... for you and for your friend.

susan said...

Much love and good vibes flowing from me to you and yours, and to Utah (which is a pretty darn awesome pseudonym for a situation, I have to say).

Stories about things I've kept quiet about: well, the demise of my first marriage, but that's not exactly inspiring, or my eating disorder, ditto. But in both cases, I lived with a lot of sadness and confusion, eventually figured out who to approach for help or confidences, and came through to a good place. A better place, even.

Susan M said...

I'm sorry, my dear.

L said...

I'm sorry! Lots of heartfelt sympathy, good thoughts and prayers (if you & loved one don't mind) are going your way from my this very instant.

As for the having to be quiet for a while... I imagine it must be HARD, really really HARD. particularly if you're communicative like I am (and from the feel of your blog, I suspect you are).

I'm so sorry this preventable and undesirable trip to UT had to happen. and I hope that thinking of the metaphor -- however cryptic -- and writing about it helped a teeny tiny bit. Maybe you can keep the metaphoric trip thing going if it helps you (or not, I imagine that being cryptic for an extended period of time must feel bad).

Anyway... these are the only things I can think of.

Virtual hugs to you & your loved one.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Many, many virtual hugs.

Jeff said...

Thinking of you and wishing you some serenity and strength.

comebacknikki said...

I'm so sorry.

Bardiac said...

Sending good vibes, and hoping the trip to Utah becomes a trip through Utah to somewhere better.