Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting worried. . .

. . .about job prospects. Other bloggers, I've noticed, are getting invitations for job talks. I've heard nothing. *sigh*

Could it be that I've graded thousands upon thousands of papers over the past seven years as an "apprentice" for nothing? I'm happy that I've had the experience of grad school and of working with the faculty I've met, but during school I probably could have been working at jobs that paid far more money and that required no grading of papers. And then I'd be better positioned for careers outside the academy.

Of course, compared to some grad students, I am better positioned for careers beyond the ivory tower, since I've had quite a bit of work experience outside the classroom: publishing, arts marketing, journalism, museum education, development.

Time to start applying for administrative jobs, I guess.

(See depression post, below.)

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New Kid on the Hallway said...

I think a lot depends on your field. A lot of the pseudonymous bloggers don't specify which field they're in, and so many of them have slightly different schedules, that it's hard to compare. I know that history doesn't usually start calling people for interviews (this is at the national conference) till December, and on-campus visits aren't usually till February. So I wouldn't worry yet...

I completely agree with/appreciate your depression post, by the way!