Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bathroom reading? BATHROOM reading?!?

Yesterday was the second day of the material culture course I'm teaching during the first summer session. The day went well, I thought. We talked about corsets, hats with dead birds on them, and African-American women's church hats, with tangents into stiletto heels and push-up bras. Lots of good discussion, and some laughter, as is appropriate when talking about push-up bras and hats with dead birds on them.

After I dismissed the class, a student who had missed the first meeting came up to tell me he was glad he was taking the class because it was "cool."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it already," I replied.

"Yeah, I love this stuff," he said. "I love knowing random bits of stuff. It's like, you know, bathroom reading. I love those bathroom readers."



Seeking Solace said...

ikes..File that under Too Much Information!!!!

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