Thursday, June 29, 2006

Child development

Playgroup update:

Well, so much for playgroup. Lucas fell asleep in my arms shortly before we were to leave. I planned to let him sleep for an hour or so (his usual morning nap duration) and then catch the second hour of playgroup.

Except then I lay down next to him and the two of us slept for almost two hours. Oops.

Oh well. 'Tis for the best, since he had a weepy eye yesterday, and the LAST thing I need is to be known as That Trashy Mom Whose Kid Gave Everyone An Eye Infection.

In other news:

Mr. Trillwing and I actually had a date last night--Thai food and Superman. Fun!

Lucas discovered his penis during his bath a couple days ago and wouldn't let go of it. Mr. Trillwing feigned tears: "He is my son!"

This morning Lucas is trying to figure out how to open the closures on his diaper. He's big into snaps, buttons, zippers, and drawstrings, so I guess it's inevitable that soon he'll figure out the Velcro-like attachments and be running around nekkid. Yay.

In other diaper news, I noticed that the size 5 diapers are getting a bit small on him. I don't recall seeing size 6 diapers, so I checked online, and sure enough, it appears many brands don't carry size 6. Really, I didn't expect to be checking out pull-ups at 10 months.

The little guy has a paper addiction. We can't keep him out of the paper recycling bin. He tears off little pieces and chews them like gum until Mama throws herself across the room to sweep her finger through his mouth.

Lucas has learned not only to pull his daddy's DVDs off the shelf, but how to take the boxed sets apart. Right now he's playing with Kojak, Columbo, and All in the Family. Quality viewing for babies!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, hurray! I'm not the only one with a "larger than average" child. Little Guy is 8 months old and is growing out of his 12 month clothes (which he has been wearing for quite some time now). Why don't they design baby clothes that fit bigger kids? He's wearing little boy clothes and they don't work on infants.