Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time travel

New meme, anyone?

You have a time machine. Where/when would you go under each of the following circumstances?

For leisure or entertainment:

1893 World's Fair in Chicago, baby. Columbian Exposition, here I come! (Yes, I am a freak.)

To change history:

(This one's hard!) Try to keep the atomic/nuclear bomb genie from being let out of the bottle. Or try to lure a clearer majority of Gore voters to the Florida polls in the 2000 election.

To meet someone and hang out with him or her for an entire day:

Probably my grandmother as a young woman. I think she'd dig the time travel thing. But it would also be neat to travel to the future to chat with Lucas as an older man.

To be mischevious:

Go meet Mr. Trillwing in his late 20s. Don't know what I'd do, but it would definitely be mischevious.

To witness a particular event:

San Francisco earthquake, 1906. I'm kind of drawn to disasters.


ScienceWoman said...

You always invent the coolest memes that I never do (I'm still meaning to do your underpaid professions one some day). Since I am on blog-vacay I'll post my answers to this one here:

For fun: Globe theatre to see the premiere of a shakespeare play

To change history: Prevent introduction of smallpox into the Americas. If that's asking a little much, how about keeping the Colorado River undammed.

To talk to some one: Thomas Jefferson is my standby answer on this one, he's just such an interesting person. But I like the idea of meeting a female ancestor.

To be mischevious: I'm not really a mischevious person, but I bet given some time to think I could come up with a prank to play on my college roommates.

To witness an event: Missoula Floods, no doubt about it. (You got me thinking on the disaster theme!)

Anonymous said...

You're not a freak; the Columbian Exposition is clearly the most rational choice for a time travel destination!