Saturday, September 30, 2006

Job description

Remember how I wrote about job ads that were too broad or put together an improbable list of subfields? Check out this one. It includes an interesting wish list:

"Assistant professor, joint appointment, 50% in Women's Studies and 50% in one of the following Departments: Communication, Philosophy, Health and Kinesiology, History, and English.

Specialization: Emphasis on women and gender, and/or intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, and class in one of the following disciplines: Communication Studies, Public Relations, Organizational Communication, Rhetoric, and/or Technology; Continental Philosophy, Ethics/Applied Ethics, History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Social and Political Philosophy; Sports Studies, with emphasis in current issues of public policy, ideology, and culture; Healthy Aging and quality of life; Century Sub-Saharan History; and Latino and Minority Literatures.

Qualifications: Ph.D.; commitment to interdisciplinary studies. . ."

Commitment to interdisciplinary studies? No kidding.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, you clearly qualify...

At first I thought they wanted ALL of that, and it reminded me of the advertisments you get in Saskatchewan for small-town teachers: they'd want someone who can teach Chemistry, Math, Woodshop, lead both the Choir and Band, and teach all levels of French. Because the previous teacher could do that, which means someone should be able to do it!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they just need a warm body to lower their ratio a little. You could really wow 'em, being not just a warm body but actually bringing a brain along too!