Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random thoughts o' 3 a.m.

This time last year I was still riding the epidural. The midwife would turn it down around 11 a.m., a half hour into pushing.

Three hours into pushing, with the epidural completely off and me pretty much exhausted, she asked, "Do you want this baby? Do you want this baby?"

At that point, I wasn't so sure.

* * *

I had no idea what I was up against. Do any new parents?

Right now it's Lucas's birthday, 3:24 a.m. He's in his high chair, eating a piece of wheat bread.

Yeah, I know.

* * *

Fang Bastardson has a nice piece on surviving the first year of parenthood.

His diaper-changing breathing trick really works, if you can master it.

* * *

Today's to-do list:
  • laundry
  • groceries
  • belated birthday gift for Grandma (yeah, I know)
  • pay bills
  • grade papers
  • bake/frost cake
  • make living room presentable for Luke's little party
  • prep for tomorrow's class (100 pages to read)
  • write final exam questions
  • come up with next student blog assignment
  • photocopy dissertation and title page
  • pack for trip to see my parents
  • order action figure variants for Mr. Trillwing
  • write 2-3 job letters
Piece of cake, eh?

* * *

Have I mentioned it's 3:30 a.m.? Luke and I have been up since 2 a.m.

I'm tired. Luke is tired but doesn't get that being tired means he should sleep.

Welcome to toddlerhood.


Anonymous said...

Oy, and happy birthday.

We were up then, too. 3:24 AM is apparently a popular teething time.


betty said...

happy birthday lucas! i hope you eventually got some decent sleep!