Sunday, October 29, 2006


If you are procrastinating by cleaning your keyboard, do not--I repeat, NOT--by any means snap off the enter/return key on your iBook.

You will regret this accident, as even once you find detailed directions on how to reattach the key, you will spend at least an hour conducting sweaty surgery with tweezers under a blazingly hot halogen desk lamp. You also will probably end up bending the key's plastic or metal parts, and therefore there will always be a chance that your return key will once again pop off unexpectedly.

Heed my warning, oh readers. Do not fuck with the return key!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. If you ever need revenge on a poor (not touch) typist, switch a couple of letter keys around - watch them go mad!

Anonymous said...

i did the same thing to my backspace key. my surgery ruined it so much i had to get the whole keyboard replaced...thank goodness for warranties.

Rev Dr Mom said...

A cat we were cat-sitting decided to paw my keyboard, removing a few keys in the process. Getting them back on? Yeah, just what you describe. Still missing a couple.