Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dooced before it was fashionable

Tonight I was catching up on my reading of the entries on my cousin's blog (OK, so he's my mom's cousin), and I learned that he was dooced way back in early 2001 for blogging about his employer. In fact, according to this list, he may have been the first, dooced even before Dooce herself. (Does his firing lend my family some iota of cool? I hope so because over here on the mainland we kind of need it.)

Details are here (scroll down to February 22), and the entries through March are worth reading, too, if you're interested in newspaper management and politics or, for that matter, if you've ever worked at a newspaper (for the record, Mr. Trillwing and I both have--it's where we met). Fascinating and sad stuff on Ian's blog.

Also, I had no idea he's married to a feminist criminologist.

While you're over at, you should also check out the very cool photos of Hawaii in decades past, particularly, if you're into the history of surfing, those of Duke Kahanamoku's funeral on the beach at Oahu in 1968.


Anonymous said...

(OK, so he's my mom's cousin)

OK, 'splain this one to me b/c I never get it. In my neck of the woods, my mom's cousins are my cousins--e.g. her aunts' or uncles' children are her first cousins and my second cousins. i never understood all that once and twice removed stuff, either!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Mom's cousin = First cousin, once removed.

My grandma's cousin = first cousin, twice removed.

My mother's second cousin (meaning that your grandparent and his parent are cousins) = second cousin, once removed.

First, second, third, fourth cousins: you always have to be the same generation as each other. If you're from different generations, then however generations apart you are, that's how many "removed" you are.

It's easier when I have a chart.

Have I mentioned that, deep down, I enjoy genealogy, that ugly stepcousin of history?

Anonymous said...

ahhh. i think our way is simpler!