Friday, February 02, 2007

Pop quiz! (viral vector edition)

Which of the following members of the Trillwing household is NOT actively sick?

a) Mr. Trillwing
b) Lucas
c) trillwing
d) The Liability
e) none of the above

The correct answer is. . . d, The Liability, which is funny because the dog takes, I kid you not, 87 pills per week. (Hence his name. And lest you worry we practically have him on life support, his quality of life is good--he's 12.5, but most people think he's between 2 and 5 years old. And frequently, unfortunately, so does he. That's why Mr. Trillwing has a series of "How old dogs get broken" photos of Woody leaping over things and twisting in the air.)

I'm miserable. Mr. T. is getting sick. Lucas has had a fever of 102. Bleah.

So I skipped work today. I had intended to go in long enough to give a two-hour workshop, but it quickly became apparent that wasn't feasible by any stretch of the imagination (unless you imagine me strapped to some kind of board to keep me upright while someone else speaks for me and grabs my hand to help me point to things--sort of trillwing as ventrioloquist dummy. Not pretty).

Still, I feel guilty about having to cancel the workshop because there were actually quite a few people registered for this one. Bleah.

Why can't I ever get sick when it's convenient for me? Oh wait, that would be during vacations and breaks, and I do tend to get sick then.


Pink Cupcake said...

I hope that you are all feeling better very, very soon, and that, in the meantime, The Liability proves to be a good nurse! :)

Take care and hugs...

Seeking Solace said...

I hope all you feel better soon!!!!