Monday, March 05, 2007

Meditations on (Minor) Illness

I. A Haiku

Sunday I awake
Lucas toddles to greet me
And vomits on me

II. A Dialogue

(knock, knock)
trillwing's immune system (TIS): Who's there?
Virus: It's Vinny, your cousin.
TIS: I don't have a Cousin Vinny.
Virus: Sure you do.
(TIS opens door.)
: Say, you do look a little familiar. Come in, come in!
(Virus steps inside.)
: Thanks.
TIS: Hey, I'm about to leave on a little vacation. What would you think of house-sitting?
Virus: It would be my pleasure, Cousin!
TIS: Great. But no parties, capisce?
Virus: I wouldn't dream of it.
(TIS grabs her suitcase and leaves.)
(Virus picks up phone.)
: Dudes, let's par-tay!

III. Accounting

In the past six weeks of daycare, Lucas has contracted:
  • 1 head cold
  • 1 head cold with fever
  • 1 ear infection with fever
  • 1 case of stomach flu
trillwing has had:
  • 1 head cold
  • stomach flu with fever
Day care sucks.

trillwing's current temperature: 100.9 (and that's after taking acetaminophen). Yay.

Whine, whimper, whine whine whine.


Breena Ronan said...

Oh no! Daycare is expensive in more than one way. What about Mr. Trillwing? Is he catching daycare viruses too?

Jeff Mather said...

Feel better soon.

ScienceWoman said...

Hope you and Lucas are feeling better soon. You're not giving me a lot to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

A poet even in illness! Hope you feel better soon. Meanwhile, consider: at this year's conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, certain attendees who shall remain nameless engaged in a counter-hegemonic pillowfight. In Baltimore, of all places. Something to enliven the bedridden imagination, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

oh no, poor you! and lucas!

Scrivener said...

Yeah, but having him get all of these illnesses now in daycare means he won't get them in a couple years in elementary school. It's all a wash in the end.

Hope y'all get better soon.