Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mon fils

Lucas is acquiring words willy-nilly these days, but I'm a bit confused because, well, half of them sound French.

Some examples from today, presented phonetically (P), transcribed into (my sad little high school/college) French (F), and then, in English, what I think he means (E):

P: Seh ball?
F: C'est balle?
E: Is that a ball?

Munny (c'est moi!) asks, "Would you like to watch Sesame Street?"
Lucas responds:
P: Whee.
F: Oui.
E: Yes.

P: Seh forkh-ah!
F: C'est forchette!
E: Fork!

P: Boom?
F: Boom?
E: Boom? (meaning: Shall we glide down the wooden stairs on our butts?)

Et vous? Boomez-vous r├ęcemment?

Moi? Mais oui!

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Queen of West Procrastination said...

Has he been watching Canadian Sesame Street?