Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family rituals

Lucas loves to look at photos of himself on the computer, so one of our nightly rituals--along with a viewing of Sesame Street and the reading of several books--has him sitting on my lap, pushing buttons on the computer and shouting, "Gookus! Gookus!" (his approximation of his name)

The past several nights, he's added a new twist: he sits on my lap. And looks at photos. And farts.

A lot.

Ah, the glories of motherhood.

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ArticulateDad said...

Until the past month, the Painter, now five, would insist that any old pictures of him were really of his little brother, even when we presented irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Suddenly, his latest invention is a "deck" of pictures of him and relatives, which he uses for "war"-like games, using variously the number of letters in people's names or their current age as the value for each "card".