Saturday, January 12, 2008


Oh dear.

Lucas has learned the correct (if not always appropriate) use of the word "later." He learned the word from me, as over the past two weeks, when he requests something like a cookie for example, I've been telling him he can have one "later," after dinner.

But the tables have turned. Today he has used the word "later" four or five times when I've asked him to do something:

Let's change your diaper. Later.
Are you ready to go to bed? It's about time to go to bed. Later.
It's cold. Do you want to put on your sweater? Later.
Can you pull down your pants when you sit on the potty?* Later.
Time for a bath. Later.

Ah, well. . . At least "later" provides him a way of saying "no" less often.

*As of yesterday, he's once again taken an interest in the potty. He'll say he needs to pee, and then he'll run to the potty. He'll sit there for a minute, stand up, and then point to the potty while saying "Pee in der." But of course there isn't any pee in there because he never pulled down his pants or his diaper. Baby steps. . .


ScienceWoman said...

Good luck with that. :)
Minnow has learned to shake her head "No." I can see that it is already starting as she shows no inclination to nod her head "yes."

ArticulateDad said...

Just know, my friend, you are not alone. We must all believe: "and this too shall pass."