Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am not articulate about politics

So all I will say is this:

Barack Obama really understands what it means to live in America. He comprehends the importance of context.

The U.S. Supreme Court really does not.


Ubiquitous Pidgeon said...

CHeck out NPR's Morning Edition for Wed., March 19: they did a couple of good pieces on Obama's former pastor, Black Liberation Theology, and the Black Church.

They interview a scholar of American religion (listen to the story for his name, as I can't find a transcript and don't remember it) who points out, among other things, that

a) um, try reading the whole sermon if you're going to get on the pastor's case,

b)speaking truth to power is BIBLICAL,

c)Jeremiah Wright's namesake, the Prophet Jeremiah, was known to speak very harshly about the misdeeds of his own country precisely because he loved it.

But my favorite part is when he points out that, gee, a lot of people who go to white churches have had it pretty good in life (since they don't, you know, face systematic racial discrimination) and they get kinda nervous when they hear the worship experiences and styles of those in a different situation.

He was much less sarcastic about it than I'm being here, and I found myself exclaiming, "At last! A voice of reason on this "issue!"

Arbitrista said...

Your statements seemed perfectly articulate to me!

elle said...

What arbitrista said. I feel the same way which is why I usually avoid discussing (that sort of) politics on my blog, but all this is starting to drive me crazy.