Wednesday, March 12, 2008

*Make-Believe Content Goes Here*

OK, so I have all these thoughts right now that aren't quite ready to be blogged because they haven't coalesced, but they're driving me to distraction. And I keep coming up with all these funny things to say about this situation I find myself in, but then I realize it's really something I shouldn't discuss in public because things are still coming together--or they may not come together at all.

So kindly imagine something very witty and ridiculous here. Even ridiculously witty.

We'll return soon to our irregularly scheduled programming.

(Oh, if you're looking for something Trillwingy to read, you could check out a ridiculously long post I wrote this week about museums and civic discourse.

I also have a post up at Problogger, written for a general blogging audience, on five teaching techniques that may improve a blog.)

BONUS: Via MAMK, I bring you a heartening little video from the late Fred Rogers:


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Oh goddammit, I've got something in my eye...

Addy N. said...

That video made me cry! Of course, being pregnant means that almost anything can make me cry right now. I love Mr. Rogers- he was the best. I'm glad that I'll get to watch his show again with my new little one in a couple of years.

Terminal Degree said...

I miss Mr. Rogers.