Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ah, Humor, Thy Name is "Anonymous"

A bit of backstory:

In 2006, I wrote a post that included photos of Lucas, who had fallen and hit his head, both before and after my husband took him to the ER.

Fang Bastardson left this comment on that post:

Your husband is obviously a bad, bad man and an unfit father. If I ever run into him, I'll kick his ass clear on back to last Thursday on principle.

I swear to God, you have to have a license to have a dog...

Have you alerted CPS, or shall I?

Here's the funny thing: Fang took those photos. He's my husband.

If Fang has mastered one quality, it's self-loathing. And he's terribly witty about it.

Fast-forward to the present day. My beloved Fang just received this comment on his blog:

[A]s for the nasty comment you left about a post on The Clutter Museum wherein you castigated a dad for taking a picture of his son's bleeding head before taking him to the ER, not only are you illiterate you're mean spirited and hateful. I happen to know the gentleman in question and he is an attentive, devoted father.
You, on the other hand, are a poser and a jerk.

This kind commenter (who I hope was writing with tongue as firmly planted in cheek as Fang originally was) also pointed out that Fang misspelled "dewclaw" in his bloggy bio. Let me assure you all--including Anonymous, if s/he is reading--that Fang is an immaculate speller, and that "doo-claw" is an homage to his favorite dog, whose nickname was Doo.

Ah, blogosphere, how I love you.


Fang Bastardson said...

The only part I really took exception to was "poser." It reveals the anonymous commenter as someone who has never actually met or spoken to me. (Or, as you point out, someone with at least as twisted a sense of humor as me.)

Thanks for having my "six," honey!


Ed & Jeanne said...

I was impressed you've had a humor blog since 2005! You got me by several months...

Heather Clisby said...

Still no idea who this misguided moron is? All I know is, the hate mail made Fang's day.

L said...

This was positively hilarious! I hope that anonymous read Fang's response in that same comment section (or this post).

I think I'm done with anonymous commenting for a long while... Sigh. And I feel so foolish for having responded to my trollish commenter in the first place. (another sigh). I've got to lighten up, I take everything too seriously. It's good to be able to see other people taking it humorously and lightly.