Thursday, August 26, 2010

. . .and things I don't love so much

Weather today and tonight in Boise:
  • 104 degrees (tying the record high)
  • Humidity this afternoon
Current weather alerts for the region:
  • Record temperatures
  • Air quality alert (yellow--the alert, not the air)
  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Fire weather
  • High winds (50 mph--not so bad as last weekend's 70 mph)
Tomorrow's forecast? 78 degrees and pleasant.

Welcome to Idaho. It's like Iowa, only with more consonants.

You've got to respect any region whose local broadcaster offers this list of potential weather challenges:



Kate D. said...

I envy you your thunderstorms. Sigh. After a long summer of impossibly blue skies, I welcome clouds -even when they don't reward us with rain.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorites are the Wind Chill Watch (look out! there might be a cold wind. brrrr) and the Flood Statement ... whatever that means.

I do _not_ envy you your thunderstorms. You are welcome to them.
Lisa M.

Jeff said...

Have y'all been to the World Center for Birds of Prey yet? (I see there's no "Death by Talons" watch/warning on your weather map, so it's probably a safe place to visit.)

Ace said...

Fire Weather Watch + Dust Storm Warning = Skin Tone Soiree.

Seriously, your weather there is running out of web-safe colors.