Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My silence

Many apologies for my lack of posts these past few days. I'm in the Dissertation Zone. (That name that sounds deceptively productive. I assure you I'm not as prolific as I should be, in part thanks to various frustrations over revisions and in part due to those damn final exams I had to grade.)

I have a major deadline on the 24th, and I already know I'm going to blow it because I'm using two days of my teeny tiny spring break to fly down to Long Beach to visit my parents and other family. And because I wasn't already feeling enough stress, I've chosen this occasion to be Lucas's first plane trip. Please pour libations on my behalf to whatever gods keep children from shrieking on airplanes.

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ArticulateDad said...

Libations poured. Take it easy. If you're going for a mini-vacation to visit the folks, remember to enjoy yourself!

What we often forget is that, in the grand scheme of life, a few days is merely a few days. Even a year will pass as a blur, when we're sitting on tenure, and taking our third sabbatical. So, enjoy. (And be sure to bring lots of things to entertain Lucas!)