Friday, August 18, 2006

Job interview--and party?!

Yesterday I received a call regarding a job I applied for more than six months ago. I've been asked to come in for an interview in mid-September.

Since I'm happily employed for the rest of the academic year, with a slate of interesting courses to teach, it might seem odd that I'm even bothering to interview for this position.

Here's the deal: It's a quasi-academic job (no teaching, but it requires academic research, esp. archival research). It has the words "history" and "science" in the title, and the organization encouraged Ph.D.s to apply. It sounds like wonderfully interesting work, and I'm thrilled to be invited for an interview. It definitely represents several directions in which I'd like my career to go, including work in historic preservation and public history.

But there's a twist: On the day before the interview, the organization is loading all the candidates on a bus and giving them a tour of the sites and facilities related to the position. And then, that evening, there will be a "party" for candidates where we'll meet board members.

Pressure, anyone? I guess it's good to see all the facilities before the actual interview, but having us meet the other candidates and board members seems to up the ante a bit, doesn't it? I'm assuming they'll be testing our ability to schmooze. I'm looking forward to it!

Another important detail: the midpoint of the salary range for the position is three times what I'll be making this year if I teach. And the salary tops out a few dollars shy of six figures. Neat, huh?

I so need a new interview outfit. (Two or three, actually--tour, party, actual interview. Damn.)

Wish me luck in preparing for the interview. I'll keep you posted!


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

That job sounds fantastic. Good luck with the interview, and the schmooze-fest.

Seeking Solace said...

Awesome! I hope all goes well!

Sharon L. Holland said...

Good luck on the job interview. It sounds like a great opportunity.

I would find the shopping and schmoozing as distressing as the interview.

betty said...

Congratulations! Six months after you applied? I'm dying when I wait two months to hear from a place - six months would kill me!

Good luck! And have fun shopping!

JM said...


Jeff Mather said...

You can schmooze with the best of 'em. They'll hire you for sure.

Heather Clisby said...

Some helpful schmooze tips:

Appear interested - nodding, with raised eyebrows and lots of "Wow, that's interesting!" helps.

Always have a drink in hand, whether or not you actually imbibe.

Be prepared to introduced yourself and (ack!) look people in the eye.

When meeting someone new, give them an internal nickname immediately, so you can remember.

Lots of cleavage.

Seduced the maitre'd.

Oh, wait, those last two are from a different list.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Tip from own bad experience: make sure you try out wearing the outfit AND shoes for a day before actually going. :) Very annoying when you are hobbling around with blisters and/or tugging on your neckline all day to keep the shirt in line...

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Wow! The job sounds amazing, although I'd find the schmoozing incredibly intimidating. The fact that you're excited about wowing them with your schmooze is a good sign that you're perfect for this sort of job.

P.S. I love clizbiz's list of tips. Especially "lots of cleavage."

Anonymous said...

Goodness, best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm not so good at blogsponding...just sent you an email response instead of posting as I meant to do...anyway good luck! It sounds like a great chance to meet an astonishingly large number of new networking possibilities, if nothing else!

ArticulateDad said...

Sorry I missed this before. Go, enjoy, be well. We'll all be waiting on pins and needles to hear the news.