Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We have toddler!

On Saturday, Lucas took his first two steps by himself.

On Sunday, he practiced standing without support.

On Monday, he invented a game that involves standing up on our bed and falling backward into our arms.

That's the fun news.

On Sunday, as if to confirm his toddler status, he also threw his first temper tantrum. I'm talking about a face-rubbed-into-the-carpet, fists-pounding-the-floor, legs-kicking, high-pitched-screaming tantrum.

The fit came about because I was trying to prevent him from slamming his fingers in my desk drawers. I suggested we read a book instead. And then the tantrum commenced.

Wow. We're in for some rough waters.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY! (about the steps, and such.) HOORAY!

Hope you enjoy the milestones (and the toddler-proofing, and the hysteria). Soon it will be all 'no' all the time. Supposedly this means that Lucas is discovering that he is separate from you--developing his self-hood, and all that. I say it's a high price to pay. :)

But the first steps--now that's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Yay toddler! I think. Personally, I'm not looking forward to the Hatchling being ambulatory because then god KNOWS what she'll get into. But still - big milestone!

ArticulateDad said...

Congratulations on both counts. Walking is indeed a milestone. Tantrums... well, think of it like the first scratch on a new car. Once it's done, it's done, and you can move on to bigger and better concerns. You know, like not-slamming-fingers-in-desk to not-running-into-a-street-full-of-traffic. Ah, the joys of parenting.

Next big thing is babbling, then honest to goodness talking. It's... really... truly... an amazing delight to watch them grow up. Just don't blink (too often).

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Yay! I also cheered out loud and told Chris, and I think he's starting to get used to me keeping him updated on how bloggers and their children are doing.

He's growing up so quickly, all of a sudden!

grumpyABDadjunct said...

Wonderful news! Even the tantrum has its upside, at least he didn't have his first fit in a public place.

Heather Clisby said...

Shocking. Next thing you know he'll be kicking over newspaper stands and ranting about the price of gas.

Alice said...

Uh-oh! We are off to explore and challenge the world! :)