Monday, December 31, 2007

101 Things in 1001 days

I've decided to participate in the 101 things in 1001 days meme.

I'm leaving the list a bit open-ended right now, so that I can add things as I wish. As of January 1, 2008, this list has 77 items. My end date is September 28, 2010.

Academic (7)
  • Renew IRB approval for dissertation research
  • Revise dissertation into book [in progress]
  • Submit final draft of article to journal [done!]
  • Secure IRB approval for project on collectors and collecting
  • Make 30 key contacts for project on collectors and collecting
  • Write “scrambled eggs” paper on chicken eggs and fertility anxieties
  • Begin tentative research for that other women scientists fertility project

Blogging (4)
  • Write at least 2x week at Clutter Museum [getting closer to this]
  • Write 2x month for MuseumBlogging
  • Write 2x month for Multicultural Toybox
  • Update blogroll quarterly

Bureaucracy (6)
  • Clear my desk completely on the first and fifteenth of each month. [I'm revising this to once per month -- and keeping up with it]
  • Finally type up and notarize our wills.
  • Create spreadsheet to better track debt repayment, retirement savings, investments.
  • Get important papers in order.
  • Buy a fireproof lockbox and use it to store important papers.
  • Get passports for Mr. Trillwing, Lucas, and me. (I know, I know. . .) [Applied for my own]

Business and Professional (3)
  • Follow up on one idea related to project on collectors and collecting.
  • With Mr. Trillwing, think through his work hours/options. [always in progress]
  • Update my personal website with professional content.

Creative (16)
  • Learn digital illustration: sketch and color, as in the Sunday comics. [getting there, thanks to my new Wacom tablet]
  • Complete three moderate-sized paintings.
  • Complete one themed series of 15-25 photos using newish digital camera.
  • Create some artwork and list it on Etsy any see if anyone bites.
  • Paint model horse resins that have been sitting around for a few years. [in progress]
  • Self-publish book of poetry, probably through
  • Collaborate with Mr. Trillwing on a big writing project.
  • Write one chapter per quarter of novel that’s been brewing for years.
  • Sew a skirt.
  • Make a collage. [making a vision board]
  • Draft text of children’s book.
  • Shop around children’s book, or illustrate and self-publish on Lulu.
  • Finish one scrapbook.
  • Take a class at a craft center.
  • Attend one poetry or fiction reading quarterly.
  • Start or join a fiction writing group.

Family (8)
  • Take Lucas for walks in regional nature preserves at least 4x year.
  • Take Lucas to Yosemite. [done!]
  • Plan Hawaii trip with Mr. Trillwing.
  • Establish regular family meals. [we eat breakfast together, but not yet dinner]
  • Fly a kite with Lucas.
  • Potty train Lucas. [almost there!]
  • Get guitar lessons and make practice time for Mr. Trillwing. [done!]
  • Write, or record with multimedia, at least quarterly letters to Lucas.

Fashion (2)
  • Dress more professionally, especially during non-summer months. [so far so good]
  • Buy one spring/summer dress in which I really look terrific.

Finances (7)
  • Pay down all credit card debt. [chipping away at it. . .]
  • Save up three months of emergency savings. [now a 2009 resolution]
  • Restart mutual fund and stock investments—including an IRA for Mr. Trillwing. [investments restarted, except for Mr. T's IRA. Update: I withdrew funds right before the big stock market crash. Crafty I am, except that I needed the money to spend. *sigh*]
  • Make significant progress on student loan debt. [making regular payments, sometimes above the minimum]
  • Identify “top 5” nonprofits for annual giving (categories: environment, education, women, peace and social justice, health) [semi-finalists thus far: Nature Conservancy, my alma mater, American Friends Service Committee or Friends Committee on National Legislation, Children's Organ Transplant Association, American Cancer Society]
  • Set up account for Hawaii trip w/Mr. Trillwing.

Friends (4)
  • Stay in better touch with good friends from high school and college.
  • Host two big-ish events for my friends each year.
  • Meet in person three bloggers I read. [done!]
  • Have Dr. Wonderful's and Fantastic Mentor’s families over for BBQ once weather warms up.

Gratitude (3)
  • Send 20 thank-you notes. [Sent thus far: 3]
  • Surprise Mr. Trillwing with 20 handmade gifts. [Thus far: 5]
  • Spend more quality time with the dog. [done--and since Woody is no longer with us, I'm busy trying to transfer my affections to Obi]

Home and Garden (6)
  • Grow one. damn. tomato. [done! Grew many!]
  • Improve composting process—get a bin. [improved process, but still binless]
  • Expand backyard garden. [done! Built two raised beds, with plans for more]
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned each January or February (and in July or August if the budget allows).
  • Organize garage. [in progress]
  • Complete one major decluttering/purging project at least every other month. [in progress]

Wellness (11)
  • Bicycle to work at least 3x week when weather permits (between 35 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and not in heavy rain) and I'm not sick.
  • Walk at least 30 minutes 4x week for three consecutive months.
  • Pilates or yoga by video 3x week for three months, then decide whether or not to continue or to try something else. [began this and lost interest, though I know it would be helpful]
  • By September 28, 2010, be able to run 30 minutes without being too winded.
  • Get new more stylish glasses. [done--but I'm already getting tired of them!]
  • Get more comfortable contact lenses. [done!]
  • Take another stab at attending unprogrammed Friends meetings.
  • Do a weekend fruit and juice fast.
  • Find a place to take dressage lessons, and start horseback riding again.
  • Get a new mattress. [done!]
  • Prepare at least one new main dish every other month. (I’m interested in cooking, but I don’t love it.)


Anonymous said...

Heh. The 101 in 1001 days list is like crack to me. Good luck with yours... I have less than a year left on mine and totally didn't get the job done, but I've learned a lot.

spotted dog farm said...

wow, what a list! we have a ton of similar interests. as a would-be farmer with fertility issues, i'd love to hear more about your scrambled eggs paper.