Friday, July 16, 2010

An accounting

Pounds loaded (thank God not by us) onto the moving truck: Approximately 14,000 (damn books, comic books, and CDs)

Cars driven from Davis to Boise: 2

Hours spent on the road between Davis and Boise: 11

Wrong turns taken on that trip: 1

Nights in motel rooms: 3 so far, likely to be 4

Toys and gifts my dad brought with him for Lucas: at least 4

Number of said toys the dog destroyed while we were out: 1

Toys purchased by my dad for Lucas on the trip: 2

Number of hours I spent today listening to Lucas prattle on about "germ scrapers" he made out of Legos: 6, going on 7

Number of times Lucas asked me if his redesigned germ scrapers are "cool": too many to count

Motel coffee tables consumed by dog: 0.1

Motel coffee tables for which we'll have to pay: 1

Muzzles purchased for dog: 2

Dog hair in this motel room because I was too embarrassed to allow it to be cleaned with the coffee table chewed up: 3 cubic feet?

Times in my life UC Davis has issued me a physical paycheck instead of direct deposit: 1

Miles I am from said paycheck: 565.3

High temperature the day we left the crazy hot Sacramento Valley: 95 degrees

Current temperature in Boise: 101

Times divorce narrowly avoided: 4?

Blog posts I've written during the move: 1

Blog posts Fang has written during the move: 5

Debt we owe to my dad for helping me drive a car 575 miles, walking the dog, buying all our meals here, handing us an anniversary card brimming with cash, and entertaining Lucas at a time of great physical, emotional, and financial stress for our family: God only knows

Window the moving company gave us for delivery: 3 days

Day on which our stuff will be delivered: day 3

Movers due to arrive: in 15 hours


auto ethnographer said...

WOW! I totally relate to the exhausted and cranky part of cross-country moving (esp. the "times nearly divorced"), but it is great to know that you are there safe and sound. I hope we get to see a photo of the new and improved germ-scraper.

Susan M said...

Welcome to your new home! Miss you already.

Laura said...

Sounds harrowing, but glad you've made it. Love the new blog look!

Looking forward to updates.

ArticulateDad said...

Breathe, remember to breathe. ...and this too shall pass!

Seeking Solace said...

You forgot number of doses of happy drugs for the dog? The Boy needed two; one pill each day we drove to our new state.

Glad you made it!

Breena said...

Moving sucks! I know that Beorn and I are always crazy when we have to move. But it sounds like the worst is over. (Crossing my fingers.) Write again when you have time. I have been tempted to call, but I figured that wouldn't help. ;)

Stacey said...

Welcome to your next great adventure! I had to laugh about the germ scraper. I've been reading the same book about elephants for three weeks - ugh! Here I was thinking that the repetitious conversations we have would end by The Boy's age.

Susan M said...

I frequently remember significant dates both the day before and the day after, but somehow forget them on the day of. So, before it temporarily slips my mind: Happy anniversary!!

Fang Bastardson said...

Damn. Susan M took the words right out of my mouth.

(Only 4 times? Really?)