Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Busy busy week

My apologies for the lack of posts this week. We've migrated from one apartment to another because of the whole flooding/mushrooms-growing-in-the-carpet thing. We moved yesterday, so of course the apartment still looks like a warehouse, with giant brown, ambiguously labeled boxes everywhere.

This weekend's task is to clean the old apartment. Fortunately, because the management plans to renovate it, I just need to clean it up enough so as not to embarrass myself, not to make it shiny and new again for the next tenants. Every time I move, I'm astounded at how much dust and dog hair accumulates under our giant couch and hides in other random corners and crevices. I've been living in squalor and didn't even know it! (Well, OK, the mushrooms were a hint. . .)

More soon. I have yet to unpack my office, but hope to do so tonight, which means my laptop will once again be happily connected to the Internet at my own desk. I also have 50 papers to grade this week (10 by tomorrow morning), so you can expect lots of procrastination-inspired entries here soon.

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mamaloo said...

Now you'll never be able to make mushroom soup on a whim. I guess you just have to make sacrifices, eh?