Friday, January 20, 2006

Something you didn't know about Jimmy Carter

So my MIL and SIL have been visiting the Trillwings for a couple of days. Mr. Trillwing, SIL, and I are all progressives; MIL is 80 years old and Pentecostal, a kind and mildly eccentric woman who sends "love gifts" to the Trinity Broadcasting Network and answers her phone with "Praise the Lord!"

You might imagine we have some interesting dinner table conversations. MIL is fun to be around because she sometimes toes the fundamentalist line and at other times proves herself to be an independent thinker. Every time we think we finally understand her views, she once again says something enigmatic or, well, just plain random.

Last night we were arguing about Bill Clinton and Dubya, and just when we all began to tire of The Conversation That Would Probably Never End, Mr. Trillwing, SIL, and I all said at once, "Well, at least we can all agree on Jimmy Carter." I mean, he is a really nice guy, an ex-President and carpenter who does good, Christian, charitable work, yes?

MIL informs us that Carter is a womanizer. According to her, he didn't just lust in his heart, but actively cheated on Roslyn. MIL tells us Carter is just one big bad egg, what with his whoring and his meddling in other countries' business.

Really, I need to get a direct line to God. I'm missing out on so much juicy gossip.

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Heather Clisby said...

I also heard that the "Cartman" character from "Southpark" is based on good 'ole Jimmy.

Little known historical fact!