Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hell just froze over

I am giving up sweets.

Let me say that again: I. am. giving. up. sweets.

I'll wait a moment for those of you who know me well to recover from your fainting spells and pick yourselves up off the floor.

Here's the deal: When I got pregnant, I was already 12-15 pounds overweight. I gained, oh, about 40 pounds during pregnancy. I lost 35 of those almost right away. But the last 5 pregnancy pounds will not go away. Which makes 17-20 pounds I needed to lose upon childbirth, and I think I've actually added 2-3 additional pounds since then. Grrr. I've never been this overweight in my life. So: Before I must move into elastic-waisted pants, I am giving up sweets and being more conscientious about exercising.

This is not a Lenten thing, though it does coincide with the beginning of Lent, and I imagine my will shall be tested around Easter, when a pound or two of See's Candy always seems to elbow its way into my life.

Until then: Goodnight chocolate chips. Goodnight Girl Scout cookies. Goodnight little Ciocolat café's tempting dessert display. Goodnight cinnamon toast and Farmer's Market pastries on Saturday mornings. Goodnight frothy glasses of sweet soy milk.

Hello carrot sticks and assorted veggie snacks (sans ranch dip and hummus). Hello apples and pears. Strawberries, would you kindly come into season now?


Heather Clisby said...

Wait, you can't have soy milk???? What about nonfat vanilla yogurt? I have replaced ice cream with it and I hardly feel the pain.

Of course, I'm still fat and there's not another fully formed human crawling around that I can point to as the reason.

Leslie M-B said...

Well, I figure I drink so much soy milk that if I stop drinking it by the glass, I'll save myself 100-200 calories per day. I'm not big into calorie counting, but I tend to eat bunches of yummy semisweet chocolate chips with my soy milk, so if I stop with the soy milk and chocolate chips, I'm cutting out some mutually inclusive calories, maybe 400 or so a day at most. Still, that's 45 minutes I don't need to be walking uphill on the treadmill! :)

I'll have to try frozen yogurt, although I haven't been eating ice cream for awhile. I'm worried frozen yogurt will just be a gateway drug for ice cream. . .

And you are not fat!