Friday, July 28, 2006

BlogHer: Cool people, sucky hotel

OMG! I'm at BlogHer!

OMG! The hotel, the Hyatt San Jose, kinda sucks! (Except for the waitstaff in the restaurant and the housekeeping staff. They're great. Room service, front desk staff. . .not so good.)

By coincidence, my friend, the elusive Fang Bastardson, is here with his Missus. Sounds like he's having some trouble with the hotel as well.

Seriously, the Best Western in Dixon (where we spent Tuesday night because of the dead AC in the apartment) was better than this place. The internet connections have been especially unreliable, which is a wee bit frustrating at a conference about blogging.

I've met some great people here. Aren't you jealous?


Addy N. said...

Yeah- I'm jealous! What a cool conference! Thanks for adding my blog to the BlogHer blog rolls btw!

Anonymous said...

Well, from the picture, at least the hotel looks pretty?!?

Anyway, have a great time at BlogHer!

Heather Clisby said...

I sent a letter to the Hyatt VP about all the bad juju his company is receiving on the web. Told him he better look into it. Let's hope he's got a better internet connection than his hotels ...