Monday, July 24, 2006

Doubly cursed

Our air conditioning and the internet connection both went down at the same time yesterday afternoon.

It was 113 degrees.

There are 125 people in line ahead of us for air conditioning service. If the air conditioning is not fixed today, the apartment complex is going to put us and the dog up for the night at Motel 6. Yippee.

It's hot. There's no air conditioning. The internet connection limps along.


(I know there are people with real problems. Honestly, I'm worried more about Lucas and the dog than I am about me or the Internet.)

P.S. Why did the Internet connection die? Because the air conditioning at our ISP stopped working and the servers melted down.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my God - that's horrible! Poor you and the rest of your family!! Maybe you and Lucas should just hang out in a cold bath all day? (Guess that won't much help the dog...)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Wow. That's horrible. I really don't think I could live in CA. Actually, Mr. Westprocrastination would never let me. He's a puddle in this weather here, and we're in Canada.