Monday, July 24, 2006

Triply cursed

To review: No air conditioning at home, crappy internet there.

So I came to campus, only to find out that they've shut down AC in all "nonessential" buildings in order to keep the lab animals happy. So the poor administrative staff and faculty suffer, but the chimps and rats and beagles, they're as happy as lab animals can be (admittedly, probably not very happy).

Exception to above: AC is blowing away in the deans' offices. F*ckers.

Fortunately, part of the library is still air-conditioned. The wireless service here also seems weak, however. And I don't have headphones, so I can't listen to the This American Life piece I assigned for homework. It's been awhile since I listened to it, so my memory is dim and my notes, alas, are dimmer.

Seriously, I don't need much in this life: my little family, decent food, the internet, and air-conditioning. Is that really too much to ask for in a first-world country?

Have I mentioned I'm a hotel snob? So Motel 6 tonight is going to really suck for me? And can you not already see the A/C going out there, too?

Whine, whine. Why isn't it Wednesday? I never seem to have good whines when there are prizes of substance and style to be had!


Phantom Scribbler said...

I mean, it's *possible* that someone will be able to top this by Wednesday. But I doubt it. Right now you are running away with the Whine of Substance award.

Seeking Solace said...

Hey in this hear, it's ok to whine anytime!

betty said...

I'm right here with you, man! I've only just been able to move back into my apartment. And our AC is out at work too, something about more power diverted to hospitals. I guess that's reasonable, but being sticky at work (and having stragely crappy wireless there recently) is no fun. I totally feel your pain!