Monday, November 06, 2006

Do my eyes deceive me?


THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL, New York, New York, Department of Liberal Arts invites applications for two positions at the Assistant or Junior Associate level, for 3/3 load, small seminar style courses, beginning September 2007, as part of its expansion in the range of its electives.

Position #1 - Historical or Cultural Studies. Specializations in American History, Classics, Western Religions, or Non-Western Cultures especially welcome.

Yeah, I know, there's little hope because, well, it's Juilliard. But it's nice to see a call for applications in my field. :)


Anonymous said...

you never know... apply!!!
i think they forgot the line, trillwings only please. i mean, its perfect for you!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?!! You should definitely apply!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!

Terminal Degree said...

Yes, apply!

Make sure to refer to the place as The Juilliard School. There is really a capital "T" on "The." You can refer to it as just "Juilliard" like you would use a nickname, but the full name is a big deal there. (Whatever...!)

The population is quite diverse, with a lot of international/ESL students, particularly Asians (in music--I don't know about the other arts). A blurb in the cover letter about teaching students from a wide variety of cultures/backgrounds might be useful. If you have any ESL background, it's worth mentioning.

ArticulateDad said...

go.. for.. it. You know, the thing about conferences... you see, okay, there's the senior profs from those schools you applied to, with whom it's really hard to make eye contact, when you imagine their eyes aglow as they tossed your application in the fiery waste bin, and watched the flames flare up... but, it's funny, when you chance to meet the junior scholars who got hired for those posts, only rarely, very rarely, do they come across as just so spectacular, just so above us, that there's no doubt the committee made the right choice.

That is, they are not better than us. And you, my dear friend... are an us. And I... am looking forward to celebrating with you (even if it takes an 8-hour drive!) once we finally land our respective dream posts. It will happen!