Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lucas: good little man

I know I've mentioned how fastidious Lucas is about picking up stuff and handing it to me after he pulls it out of my desk drawers and drops it on the floor. But he's fastidious in other ways as well.

If he finds a speck on the floor that doesn't belong there, he brings it to me instead of putting it in his mouth. Since the dog has to take, on average, a dozen pills a day (including 10 of the same BB-like kind), there always seems to be one stray pill that the dog has managed to cough up. So once each day, Luke crawls over to me, pulls himself up, and opens his hand to present me one of Woody's pills.

What a good little guy. We're so lucky he hasn't yet discovered that pretty much anything smaller than his fist can be a choking hazard.

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Anonymous said...

How cute! :)