Monday, November 27, 2006

Hanna Andersson catalog

Anyone else get the Hanna Andersson ultra-Scandinavian clothing catalog?

Why, when I page through it every season, do I feel as if I'm shopping not for clothes, but for perfect little children? Every single one of them is so. damn. cute.

I also believe that if I could look like the red-haired mom on the back page of the holiday catalog, as well as have a kitchen like the one she's standing in, my life would be just about perfect. I would also settle for being the brunette on pages 2-6. I know, I'm shallow.

There's a movie for you: slovenly, dangerously casual academic awakes to find herself in a Hanna Andersson catalog. Actually, while fun for a day, I think that situation might turn out nightmarish pretty damn quickly. One can only live in striped pajamas, "carefree comfort cords," and colorful clogs for so long.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Such a bizarre world to me, the childless academic. All those stripes and families with co-ordinated clothes. And, in the holiday catalogue, the babies wearing hoods had really scary hollow eyes. I actually yelled, "AAAAH all the scary-eyed babies!" and then Chris had to run and check.

And, wow, do I wish that grey skirt wasn't $58.

Anonymous said...

Baby Blue sure looks cute in those stripes. So does LG, for that matter.

Me, though? Not so much with the looking cute in the stripes. People laugh at me in my pajamas. Ah, well. They were cheap, at least. (Teh famous Swedish Childrensson outlet, site of two separate blogger meet-ups!)

Anonymous said...

I get it that you absolutely adore your son (of course you do), but when did you start to find kids in general irresistable? :)

Anonymous said...

OKay, I linked over and saw the babies. All is clear. Does this mean your going to be pregnant again soon? I will await the email.

Dr. Peters said...

It would do me no good to be zapped into the Hanna Andersson world. I would ruin it in about a week, and the whole thing would look like my house, with piles of papers, books, toys, clothes, and dirty dishes. And I would be in my husband's T-shirt and my comfy stretchy pants that I wear every day but never leave the house in.

Addy N. said...

I LOVE Hanna Andersson! My daughter has lots of clothes from there (gift certificates from Grandma and SALE items). I also have lots of clothes from there. Some of my favorite teaching clothes are Hanna Andersson. Is $42 too much for "cropped sweats"??? Not when I wear them almost every day all summer long!!