Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's a bag! It's a fish!

Here are some of the gifts I'd like to give people this holiday season, if only I were crazy or wealthy:

The Fish Bag:

The incredibly pricey porcelain hare:

The porcelain bowl with snail:

Knitted sushi magnet set
Boog the Bad Ninja
Felt gingerbread man with his head half bitten off
Any of the stupid sock creatures, but especially Christinabelle and Sargg. (Full disclosure: I heart Christinabelle.)


Anonymous said...

I genuinely love the fish. I am distressed that there is a business that devotes itself entirely to the on-line sale of fish bags.

Anonymous said...

To whom would you give the fish? I'd love to have it, but none of my friends would leave the house with it. It's too conspicuous.

Ianqui said...

Well, it seems like you could make some of these things yourself, like the gingerbread man. So maybe if you had a creative day it would relieve your longing for these tasteful, priceless object?

Debra said...

Oh, Christinabelle is adorable! Me thinks, however, that she is a glove-creature. All those fingers, ya know!!

Ok, so now I know to look for gloves at Goodwill...

Leslie M-B said...

Susanne, I would give the fish to Susan M because I think she would actually use it. :)

Ianqui, I just may try to "bake" up a few gingerbread men of my own.