Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are you jealous yet?

Please excuse all the liveblogging posts. I figure no one but Geeky Mom will find them interesting or particularly useful. I'll provide a reflective post soon.

This afternoon was fabulous. Not only did I hear Bitch Ph.D. speak at Emory, but I also met Scrivener. And then Scrivener, Barbara Ganley and Barbara Sawhill and I went out for Mexican food. What fun!

I also forgot to mention (and was quite remiss in doing so) that I got together earlier this month with the lovely Julie Meloni, who's a real sweetheart and a hoot and a half. Thanks for driving out to see me, Julie!

Also this month: Saw Breena Ronan and spent much time, as usual, with my dear buddy Fang Bastardson.

Blogging rocks. With the exception of Breena and Fang, I wouldn't have met any of these people if it weren't for blogging. How much it has enriched my life with others' stories, how much I've learned from their experiences, and how much I've appreciated everyone's support.

Thank you to all my readers and to those numberless bloggers I read. Keep up the good work.


JM said...

To be fair, I really just wanted to see Lucas.

(I kid, I kid!)

Anyone who thinks _I'm_ a hoot and a half is totally worth seeing whenever possible. I had a blast! Here's to hoping it won't be more than a drive across town, one day...

Scrivener said...

Yay! It was really nice to meet you, too. I'm so glad that I put up the post that let you know it was going on.

Now, when's Julie coming to Atlanta?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

My head is totally exploding from the jealousy. I got a more full report from one of the other bloggers that you guys met, and I think it's so cool that you were all in Atlanta for this.

So, how about we convince BitchPhD to give a talk in British Columbia, and happen to have a Trillwing-related conference there at the same time? No?